Elite Fitness 203

Personal training 

Elite Fitness 203 Personal training

Group Classes

For some working out one on one can be intimidating, that is why we offer group training classes. Group training classes offer a mix of Boot camp/cross fit/resistance training exercises. these Group classes will be sure to keep you challenged while having fun with your friends. We have classes on location in Greenwich, CT at 38 West end ave Old Greenwich,  CT

Classes are $125 per person two days a week for one month 

Currently we are running classes Monday and Wednesday at 5am and 7am

"I am a 47 yr old mom with 4 teenagers and there is a lot of wear and tear on my body due to years of playing softball.  I don't have time to go to the gym and past body strains/injuries do not allow me to attend the group fit classes where exercises like box jumps would destroy what is left of my knees.  Charlie has the amazing ability to cater each exercise to help strengthen and tone my body without causing harm.  My knees actually became stronger and no longer hurt.  I have successfully completed a Tough Mudder thanks to Charlies amazing training.  I highly recommend anyone who is hesitant to work out because of a past injury to train with Charlie." - Beth C. mother of four and tough mudder competitor